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Ultima Thule. Vir: Nasa

Snowman at the end of the Solar System

On New Year's Eve, the New Horizons spacecraft sent back to Earth the first images of the farthest celestial body yet encountered in the history of space exploration. It is called Ultima Thule.

Climate change conference Katowice. Credit: Pixabay

Let’s take action now!

If we do nothing, our civilization will collapse and most of the living beings will die out, said Sir David Attenborough at the climate change conference in Katowice.

New kilogram. Credit: Wikimedia

We have a new kilogram

In the future scientists will be able to more accurately calculate mass, but will not need to use a metal cylinder.

Local elections in Slovenia: Zoran Janković. Photo: Bor Slana/STA

Who convinced voters in local elections?

The people of Ljubljana elected Zoran Janković, the current mayor. In Maribor, Aleksander Saša Arsenovič and Franc Kangler, who has already been mayor of this city, will move to the second round.

Social levy for media and digital literacy education. Credit: Pixabay

New fee for Facebook and Google?

In the United Kingdom, they are thinking about how to enable children to become media literate. They are considering social media levy to fund media and digital literacy education.

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